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Free web template 43Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is an acute anxiety disorder that affects certain people who have experienced certain traumas such as: abuse, combat, car accident, victim of crime, even death of a loved one. It is actually a deficiency of certain chemicals like Serotonin in the brain that occurs after trauma. Some people can experience the same incident, and not get PTSD. It depends on the individual. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 7.7 million Americas have PTSD.


The mission of PTSD Learning to Live Again (PTSDLTLA) is to provide support for those who have been diagnosed with PTSD regardless of how long they have been diagnosed. Anyone who struggles with PTSD needs support and to not feel alone. The PTSDLTLA website has a place to post their comments or chat with each other about their experiences as well as a blog where something positive, encouraging and motivating will be posted on a regular basis. The PTSDLTLA website also has a calendar available where a member that needs a ride to their doctor appointment, but has no transportation, can ask for assistance. They can go into the calendar and enter the information and we will coordinate a ride for them. PTSDLTLA will hold speaking events across the country to raise awareness of PTSD in order to teach those who don’t understand it and encourage those that are living with PTSD. PTSDLTLA will also hold motivational speaking events that will allow and encourage those that are living with PTSD and how they have learned to cope after a diagnosis of PTSD.


Please visit our The Safety Zone Page "PTSDLTLA FOURM" For members with PTSD this is save secure area just for you! You must register to use the The Safety Zone Page This is so we are able to keep it private and secure for you.


Our Program we designed for you- "IWET" --- ( I Wasn't Exspecting That )

This program is designed with you in mind, See "IWET" page for more information




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